We are a local, 420 friendly, catering company dedicated and driven to provide the best quality in service, products and customer care. We at The Blaz’n Chef are here to make sure your special event has a blaz’n good time! From private casual parties to private corporate events, we can provide the service and unique products straight to your door! Or stop by and visit us at The Blaz’n Lounge, coming to a location near you! Here is just a little bit of what we offer:

  • Unique Blaz'n dining experience
  • CBD and Cannabis Infusion Courses
  • Prop 215 edibles and meds
  • Phone app (COMING SOON)
  • One on one Cooking class

My Passion is to share the wonderful knowledge I have gained from the beautiful cannibis plant to the world. From medical to recreational, I can help! I provide blaz'n dinners and give classes to people who would like to learn how to infuse their own foods! From day-to-day foods to your favorite, I can show you how!